Award Winning Chiropractic


Dr. Eileen practices an in depth form of chiropractic using Applied Kinesiology to clear pain, nerve interference and find the source of the problem. She has many years of experience clearing chronic problems through her intuitive, comprehensive approach. 

Dr. Eileen Macfarlane practices a revolutionary combination of gentle chiropractic, Brimhall technique, Applied Kinesiology, Genetic nutrition, activator and cold laser. Dr. Eileen Macfarlane DC began her career 30 years ago as a "people" chiropractor and late decided to also become certified as an animal chiropractor so she could help heal animals.

Animal chiropractic is also a specialty. 

She currently practices in Basalt working on dogs, cats, horses, and humans, and says her career working on two-leggeds and four-leggeds has been "extremely rewarding"

Macfarlane has had some fascinating experiences with animals that we thought might help humans recognize particular chronic behaviors in their animals that could be treated and helped by a spinal adjustment.

My Chiropractic Story

I was unique in my chiropractic college; I had never been adjusted before. I was a blank page with only the basic understanding of chiropractic . My family honored the medical field. Uncle George was our family doctor. My father had some hilarious jokes about chiropractors!

If my sister hadn’t landed her thoroughbred in the middle of a four foot fence, I probably would’ve never known about chiropractic . My sister had ongoing debilitating low back pain for four years . She was the poster child for medical miscalculations - she endured a body cast around her lumbar spine at age 16 . A second procedure - that involved injecting the disc area had her in increased pain until her boyfriend finally insisted that she see a chiropractor. At this point she began to heal and I was introduced to what many  patients today describe to me -  “my last resort , “chiropractic“ the Hail Mary” of spinal, and nerve pain injuries.  Read more

I am honored beyond words to be in this profession . I have seen many “miracles” like chronic pain that cleared sometimes in one or two visits . Chronic headaches, weakness in shoulders, arms, hands, and legs cleared from  removing nerve compression with a spinal adjustment. Chiropractic has come a long way. In my practice I use a low force, gentle adjusting tool called an activator. I unwind muscles with percussion and muscle strengthening techniques. I use a cold laser to further heal a nerve area - extremely effective in rotator cuff and shoulder injuries . I have three plus decades of experience with incredible healing stories. 

I love ongoing education . I am certified in Animal Chiropractic. Besides chiropractic , I studied medical intuitive healing . I’m a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. 

I welcome you to my practice ! Let’s feel energized , increase mobility , decrease pain  and create the healing you deserve !