Animals Treated

Meet a very friendly Bearded Dragon. His owner brought him in for his first chiropractic adjustment. Bearded dragons will turn black around their neck and beard when agitated and a warm orange when happy and content. After a little thoracic adjustment with my finger tips and then tail traction he was glowing like a sunset. 

Eileen McFarlane is amazing!!! 

Moby is no longer showing neurological symptoms! 

Zeta (her story is below) was traumatized when her owners took a two week vacation. 

She got herself all twisted up physically and emotionally and could not be touched without screeching! 

Here she is during her adjustment.  

She loved Dr. Eileen and apparently wags along as Dr. Eileen applies the cold laser treatment at the end of her session. A few treats were sacrificed in making this video. 

Check out these happy hounds from Dr. Eileen's Animal Chiropractic Event!

This brave Puggle was hit by a car. Since then he had be walking with a limp, unable to jump or play and was trotting on a diagonal. 

He had also sustained a collapsed rectum from the accident and was not able to have regular bowel movements without pain and terrible gas. His veterinarian had not been able to help with these symptoms. 

After his first adjustment his owner came in elated. The little guy was having regular bowel movements, jumping in the car, playing and no longer limping! 

He dragged his Mom from the car to our front door tail wagging, eyes sparkling ready for his second adjustment.

His Dad brought him in because he had a spinal injury after twisting and falling off a bed or couch. 

He had lost bladder and bowel control and use of his back legs.  

Enjoy our more pet patient photos and stories below.


Moby was a healthy, six-year old Great Pyrenees who started exhibiting a head tilt and tremor.

Phoebe was a rescued Pomeranian, who was extremely shy, overly sensitive to stimuli and other dogs, and very sore to the touch.

Sammy was a six-year old dachshund that had become paralyzed in his back legs by twisting and jumping off a high bed.

Zeta was a 13 year old papillon who was diagnosed with bulging disks in her spine. 


Cats benefit from chiropractic care too. I have treated a number of felines who were limping or dragging a leg, and its pretty common that one adjustment for a cat can clear symptoms.


Again, chiropractic does not replace veterinarian care, and you should consult your veterinarian first.

May your pet, horse or farm animal give you many health years!