Chiropractic for Animals

Has your pet or large animal ever limped, displayed head or ear sensitivity, withdrawn from being petted or groomed, or shown uncharacteristic fatigue? 

If so, have your ever thought the reason for one of these particular behaviors could be a spinal misalignment?

Maybe not too often, but these are a few of the signs and symptoms of possible spinal or extra spinal misalignment.

A veterinarian should always be consulted for your animal's health, but chiropractic may be the solution to a health problem.

Certified Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Eileen Macfarlane DC began her career 30 years ago as a "people" chiropractor and late decided to also become certified as an animal chiropractor so she could help heal animals.

She currently practices in Basalt working on dogs, cats, horses, and humans, and says her career working on two-leggeds and four-leggeds has been "extremely rewarding"

Macfarlane has had some fascinating experiences with animals that we thought might help humans recognize particular chronic behaviors in their animals that could be treated and helped by a spinal adjustment.

I can see clearly now - A Healing Story

Sam is a 6 year old gelding in his prime. 

His owner asked me to adjust him because the vet had discovered glaucoma in one of his eyes. The medical treatment was twice daily medicated drops “for life” and there was a concern that it was getting worse . 

Chiropractic care can help clear compression of the vagus nerve and cranial nerves.

What happened -Sam was more than willing to let me adjust his occiput, atlas and TMJ. He began yawning and licking his lips, stretching his neck and blinking.

Both the owner and myself could feel “pain energy” clearing. A vet visit later that week confirmed that Sam’s eye had returned to normal vision . 

The symptoms of the eye pressure cleared from aligning the horses  cervical spine and TMJ. Dr Eileen does not claim to heal any disease and does not practice veterinary medicine.

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Silver Whiskers Program

Have you ever noticed your senior dog trotting with stiff, swinging legs, whimpering, bunny hopping, shying away from your touch?

Often we may think, “it’s just arthritis or they are getting old”. If your pet has been checked by a vet and there are no serious injuries…..

Bring your Senior Pet in to see Dr. Eileen!

Together with you, we will develop a chiropractic treatment plan (including dietary supplements) to help your pet age while feeling their best!

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