Collagen Elixir

Dr Eileen's friends/patients have been using ISAGENIX Collagen Elixir with some exciting results!

Your body naturally produces collagen every day to build new collagen and repair older collagen fibers in the body. You can think of it like a continuous process of recycling and renewal because some of the collagen in your body is replaced every day.

When using Collagen Elixir daily, you are providing your body with nutrients to support new collagen production each day. As with any nutritional approach, it takes time for the nutrients in Collagen Elixir to support your body’s natural process of renewal. When you stop using Collagen Elixir, you are no longer providing your body with the same nutritional support for daily collagen renewal and the benefit will gradually fade.*

This clinical study demonstrates the combination of hydrolyzed collagen and goji berry, aloe Vera, chamomile, and acerola cherry for substantial improvements in facial skin’s structural and functional appearance.*

"This study found that a collagen beverage containing goji berry, aloe vera, chamomile, and acerola cherry promoted collagen production, improved elasticity, anti-wrinkle, and increased moisture, whitened, and removed spots, suggesting the potential of collagen beverage for improving skin conditions. These findings support other studies documenting the skin health benefits of collagen and hydrolyzed collagen supplementation (18-20). In short, through clinical studies, we had confirmed that hydrolyzed collagen beverages containing goji berry, aloe vera, chamomile, and acerola cherry could significantly improve skin conditions, which may be due to the combination of different effective substances in various plant extracts."

Collagen is not just for skin, hair and nails.....*

  • Improves and strengthens your hair skin teeth and nails - Wrinkles looser skin stretch marks and cellulite can all be the result of lower collagen. When you eat more of it your skin will look firmer and smoother.

  • Helps repair leaky gut - If you have a leaky gut where toxins can pass through your digestive tract into the rest of your body it can wreak havoc on your entire system. Collagen can help seal your intestines and heal leaky gut. If you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease of any kind collagen may help your digestion.

  • Reduces or prevents joint pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory - Collagen functions much like the oil in a car engine: it helps ligaments tendons and joints glide smoothly. Less collagen can mean swollen stiff and painful joints. Collagen has been shown to help relieve osteoarthritis pain according to the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago.

  • Increases your metabolism and muscle mass - The amino acid glycine found in collagen helps convert glucose into energy and increase lean muscle. More lean muscle means a faster metabolism since muscle burns more calories than fat. Taking vitamin C along with collagen aids this process.

  • Protects your heart and cardiovascular health - Proline another component of collagen may help repair arteries and clear fat deposits from them. It's also been shown to reduce blood pressure.

  • Helps support your liver and detox systems - Glycine helps protect your liver from toxins and can help repair any liver damage.

The Twelve Ways of Collagen

Read the most compelling testimonials we've heard, and it's from one of Dr. Eileen's patients! Just in time for the holidays. Give the gift of longevity!

1) Within days our skin began to soften, and now we have no more dry flakey skin.

2) My hairline has grown back and I didn't even know how far it had receded. My hair is thicker and softer now. It felt like the clock has turned back time.

3) My husband has new hair growing on a bald spot he has had since we have been married, almost 19 years end of November.

4) We both have less joint pain!!

5) I have less nerve pain from sciatica.

6) After soooo many years of gut issues, my gut is finally healing and I can eat more foods without as much upset. This started in the first month and only continues to get better.

7) Due to my gut issues I also had skin rashes and outbreaks and those are clearing up as well.

8) From a cosmetic point, fine lines are disappearing and deeper lines are less pronounced! I am 62 and my husband is 75!

9) Now that cooler weather is setting in and the heat is running, I usually get dry bloody noses, no more!

10) My gums are stronger with no more pain and bleeding.

11) I have dry eye issues and that has also gotten so much better!

12) I cut my finger last week, it was a deep cut that was bleeding quite a bit, had to wear a band aid for days as pressure to close the wound. It is now almost completely healed! I have never healed that quickly.

Doctor Eileen's collagen is showing!

What our friends/patients are saying..... (We are collecting anecdotal stories to share here)*

"This is my mom and my son Alex showing off their collagen drinking . Alex is taking a selfie" ~ Dr. Eileen

"Dr E. gave me 4 bottles to drink before cornea surgery, I ordered some (because I trust Dr. E) and started taking it daily for the week after before my follow-up. The cornea specialist checked my eye one week later and could not believe how well and quickly my eye had healed. "Wow, you are a fast healer!" As a result he was able to move up my next surgery." I'm continuing to take the collagen. Got cataract surgery coming up!

"I think it tastes pretty good!" of our husbands.

"I wish I'd taken "before" pictures....of my ol' lady hands, my legs, my elbows. They're all getting younger."

"Today, I was told that my face appears that I'm wearing very well-blended foundation. I was wearing no makeup. Just moisturizer. I enjoy moisturizing so much more now that I'm taking the Collagen Elixir. My skin works with the moisturizer as intended. The creams no longer sit on top. ...and apparently, plain moisturizer and collagen looks like well blended foundation. Gee...With that said, I can't wait to put on makeup! ...I'll skip the foundation."

So Tiffanie and Hilari, our ISAGENIX experts say so matter of factly... "Collagen is the product that introduces ISAGENIX because people see the collagen results and ask about it. They start using collagen elixir, get results, learn about other ISAGENIX healthy products, and start using them. Some have stopped using prescribed medicines for their ailments. It's life changing."


My hair is growing back! There is still hair in my brush, but I can see new "baby hairs" coming in, and my whole head is thicker and shinier.

"I went to the dentist for my quarterly cleaning after having used Collagen Elixir for about two months. Both the dentist and hygienist commented about how much healthier my teeth and gums had become. "Plump" was the word they used, and they congratulated me for flossing (I really didn't floss). I asked if it could be the collagen. The dentist said "Yes!" and that she's started using collagen too because of all of the health benefits. Especially for the teeth and gums!" They said I could move to biannual appointments instead of quarterly! Dr. Eileen had a similar experience with her Dentist.

"My friend's husband had hurt his back, was grumpy, and refused to get chiropractic treatment or take any meds. My friend convinced him to try the Collagen Elixir and the next day his back was better. He now takes it daily, is pain free....and is not QUITE as grumpy anymore."

"I looked at my friend's face after 2 weeks of her taking the collagen. I could see the smoothing that started from around her nose and seemed to be spreading over her face. The areas around her lips, chin and neck appeared to be the last to improve, so we discussed combining a good moisturizing regimen with the collagen and it seems to be working!"

"I'm a woman of a "certain age". It seems to be helping with dryness and thinning in a "certain area".

"Was wearing shorts and noticed...that my legs, that used to look like crinkled up wax paper, are now smooth. Holy crap!"

"My eyelashes are coming back!"

"My husband had a small tumor on a facial nerve which partially paralyzed half of his face. This had the botox effect, having less wrinkles on the affected side. After two weeks of Collagen Elixer the unaffected side of his face is losing its wrinkles and both sides of his face are starting to look the same. His eyelid would droop on the affected side, and now it matches the other eye. I'm blown away!"

"I keep staring at my hands. Not one mark on them. My mani/pedis are lasting longer. ....and no more "papercuts" just from reaching into my purse."

My post op visit after Cataract Surgery, age 64. "One day post op, you are doing better than most." Dr. Wildes ~UC Health

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