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Launching with Love and Laughter

We all LOVE Susie. We all came and celebrated the launch of Two Rivers Body Sculpting and Spa, got special discounts, and got in on the excitement!

Be Vibrant,Be Well! Inspired to look younger, feel younger and increase your energy!

Attendees visited “health stations”

• Dr. Eileen’s food sensitivity check

• Taste smoothies to build muscle & replace “filler” calories

• Try the daily cleanse for life that strengthens liver & kidneys (lose water weight & swelling)

• Learn how to decrease food bills while you reset

• Get a support network with Dr. Eileen for a 7 or 30 day reset

Attendees learned how to shed the winter blues and a few pounds. They found out how to have more energy, less pain and inflammation. Learned how it might be easier than you think. Time to remove the barriers to health! Dr Eileen guided attendees with reducing pain and inflammation in one week. 

Collagen, Cleansing and Longevity was so uplifting and fun! Everyone in the room was an ISAGENIX collagen client and we enjoyed sharing stories of our results, learning how the body works with collagen from Dr. E., and learning from Tiffanie how to get our collagen for free!

The word of the night was "glow". 

Animal Chiropractic Event - Tuesday September 20, 9:30 - 11:00 was a woofing great time.

Stay tuned for future events. 

Longevity and Lemonade 

This event was very peaceful by the river.  Tiffanie, our ISAGENIX expert presented and answered our questions!  The shares were so uplifting! And Tiff is a cover girl 

We are so lucky to have her!  

The Cocktails and Collagen Event was a blast!


The Eminence Spring Fling Ladies Night was a success and featured Eminence's Strawberry Rhubarb product line.